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Saltine Spiral Bound Notebook, Plain Notebook, Size : A5 | Floral Acrylic Notebook with natural pages

Rs. 90

Category : office

Material : Plastic & Papper

Length(cm) : 22

Breadth(cm) : 2

Width(cm) : 15

Weight(Gm) : 200

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Get an exclusive Notebook from the house of Saltine . These notebooks are crafted for those who want to flaunt their favorite designs and show their Attitude to others. Amazingly plain Notebooks having high-quality paper, and Super Fine Acrylic Digitally Floral Printed Cover with personalized graphic designs. Notebooks are scratch-resistant and stain-proof. Indeed, they are made for prestigious use while attending your Seminars, Conferences, Meetings or your daily routine works to note the Important Points in detail. Stationery was never such a personalized feeling before! Write, draw, work, whatever you do, you will never forget to leave your beloved notebook behind. 

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